Every investor will achieve better long-term risk-adjusted results by working with a true open architecture advisor.

Before Funds Trust launched the open architecture revolution, investors had to make the unhappy choice between selecting an advisor who was independent-but-unsophisticated (the traditional pension and endowment consulting firms) or selecting an advisor who was sophisticated-but-conflicted (global banks, trust companies, money management firms). Today, virtually all investors faced with the challenge of managing a significant pool of capital can access open architecture advice.

A true open architecture firm is completely independent of the rest of the financial services industry and accepts compensation only from its clients. In addition, open architecture firms must make the financial commitment to hire only the most experienced advisors, and those advisors must apply their experience to the issues that will most affect their clients’ wealth. Matters like asset allocation and manager search are simply too important to be left in the hands of young analysts.

We are proud of our role in leading the open architecture revolution, and look forward to introducing you to its benefits.