Funds Trust typically offers its clients such services as asset allocation and portfolio design; traditional and non-traditional manager review and selection; portfolio implementation; portfolio monitoring and consolidated performance reporting; and other wealth management services, including such needs as estate, tax, trust and insurance planning, asset custody, closely held business issues, associated with the establishment or expansion of a family office, the formation of family investment partnerships or LLCs, philanthropy, family dynamics and inter-generation issues.

As the leading open architecture advisory firm, Funds Trust possess a number of distinguishing characteristics that set us apart from other firms. The most important is that Funds Trust was designed by leading family office and endowment professionals with extensive experience working as clients of investment consulting firms. When we organized Funds Trust we kept the best of the traditional consulting model (mainly its independence) and changed everything else. For example:

  • Independence

We are scrupulously independent of the rest of financial services industry. There are no exceptions to this policy.

  • Experience

Wealthy families and demanding institutions need to have the heaviest possible firepower sitting on their side of the table. At Funds Trust, we assign to client accounts only senior managing directors who are at the very top of their profession.

  • Making Our Experience Count

The most crucial issues; such as asset allocation and manager selection, are handled by Funds Trust’s managing directors, not by young analysts.

  • Intellectual Leadership

Since our only stock-in-trade is our intellectual capital, it is important that Funds Trust represent the cutting edge in every area that will have an important effect on the growth of our client’s wealth. We happily share our knowledge with investors, primarily via our monthly capital markets reports and our series of Funds Trust White Papers.

  • Centralized Knowledge Based

At most firms a client receives only the benefit of the knowledge the specific consultant has. At Funds Trust, the firm’s knowledge base is centralized and is available to all consultants and by extension to all of our clients.

  • Performance Reporting and Monitoring

Funds Trust reports are the best in the industry. They are not only accurate and timely, but in addition we put our client’s results in perspective, telling them in plain English how their portfolios have performed and whether there are issues that should be dealt with during that period.

Organizational Stability

Funds Trust has a senior management team whose sole job it is to run the company like a business. For our clients, this translates into minimal personnel turnover, seamless account servicing, and the assurance that Funds Trust will be around to advise their grandchildren.